Stamp of Approval

Get the AMWASA Stamp of Approval today!

  • We offer a beta reading service for books which portray an accurate representation of Islam, Islamic teachings and cultural perceptions. We approve books that create positive cultural change, stories that are driven by the characters’ faith, plots that portray Islam in a positive light and storylines which are unapologetically Muslim. We are looking for books which exclude foul language, explicit intimate scenes and content which is not shariah-compliant.
  • This service is open to members and non-members.
  • We approve books across all genres: fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, YA, adult…
  • Approved books are featured and marketed on our website and social media pages
  • Approved books are marketed to independent bookshops
  • Receive an official Certificate of Approval
  • Get a digital sticker to use in your book, on your website, or to print out (if outside RSA)
  • Optional extra (TBA) – Get 100 physical stickers to paste on your book cover (RSA only)
  • We are happy to work with large publishers, self-publishers, or directly with authors and editors, both locally and internationally.
  • Note: This is not an editing service. This should be the final step before a book goes to print. Manuscripts must have been through multiple rounds of editing and revision for grammar and content before submission for AMWASA Approval.

Benefits for authors

  • When your book is awarded an AMWASA Stamp of Approval, it will be listed on our website, advertised on our social media and promoted to independent book shops.

Benefits for readers

  • When you see the AMWASA Stamp of Approval on a book, rest assured that the content is suitable for practising Muslims, does not contain foul language or explicit intimacy, and the plot portrays Islam in a positive light.
  • Look out for the AMWASA Stamp of Approval in bookshops and have peace of mind.

Criteria for Approval

A score out of 12 (or 13) will issued per title, as follows:

1. Author: The book must be written by a Muslim author.

2. Accurate Representation of Islam: Ensure the book accurately portrays Islamic teachings, beliefs, and cultural perceptions.

3. Positive Cultural Change: Assess if the book contributes to positive cultural change, promoting understanding and appreciation of Islamic values.

4. Character-Driven Faith: Verify that the characters’ faith plays a significant role in driving the story, emphasizing the importance of Islamic principles. While the characters may signal some anti-Islamic behaviour, this should not be glamourised or celebrated.

5. Positive Portrayal of Islam: Confirm that the plot consistently portrays Islam in a positive light, avoiding stereotypes or misrepresentations.

6. Unapologetically Muslim Storylines: Evaluate whether the storylines confidently embrace and celebrate Muslim identity without compromise.

7. Exclusion of Foul Language: Ensure the book excludes foul language, maintaining a respectful and appropriate tone.

8. No Explicit Intimate Scenes: Verify that the content avoids explicit intimate scenes, adhering to modesty and decency standards.

9. Shariah-Compliant Content: Assess the overall content to ensure it aligns with Shariah principles, avoiding any elements that contradict Islamic teachings.

10. Cultural Sensitivity: Confirm that the book demonstrates cultural sensitivity, respecting diverse interpretations and practices within the Muslim community.

11. Inclusivity: Evaluate if the book promotes inclusivity and representation of diverse perspectives within the Muslim world.

12. Images: Neither the cover nor the illustrations should contain animated images.

*13. References: In the case of non-fiction books, referenced work should adhere to the Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah.

Submit your book for approval

Additional criteria for approval

  1. The book must have gone through a full publication process, and multiple revisions, including editing for grammar and content, alpha reading, and proofreading.
  2. Illustrations must be complete (cover included).
  3. Both the book and the final cover should be submitted.
  4. Non-fiction books must be sourced, with full references where applicable.
  5. A fee is payable per title.
    • A quote will be sent upon submission. Please use the guideline below.
      • From R300 for books up to 80k words
      • From R80 for picture books or books with minimal text
    • International rates available upon request
  6. If the book is not approved, for whatever reason, a brief report will be submitted. The author may then rectify the issues and resubmit, or claim a fair refund of 50% of amount paid.

Send us an email with your book details (title, author, blurb, date of publication, and brief synopsis) and we will be in touch.

I just wanted to say Jazakallah to you regarding my AMWASA approval.

The process was super simple. I also appreciate the fact that you had everything sent to me in time for me to send it to print. Having the AMWASA stamp of approval on my book cover makes me feel that my work is more credible.

My young adult romance series, Salaam2Soulm8 requires such an approval so that parents who would like their children to read it can rest assured that the book does not contain anything that is inappropriate etc.
It makes me, as an author, feel more confident in the work I am putting out there.

There are 7 more books to go in my series and I will definitely be applying for an AMWASA approval for each one!

I would recommend this to all authors! We have to get more of us on board! It is the future of Muslim Fiction!

Much Love

Tasneem Gaffoor, author of Zahra and Yaseen