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Zahra and Yaseen, by Tasneem Gaffoor


Author:  Tasneem Gaffoor
Format:  Paperback
ISBN:  9780796127242

Publisher: Wilman Fikker

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Not looking for happily-ever-after just yet, the magnetism between the two 20-something students, Zahra and Yaseen, defies all logic. Experience the story through the eyes of both as they discover a sweet love that takes them by surprise.

As their hearts entwine faster than they expected, marriage becomes the natural next step, leading them on a path of love, faith and self-discovery.

Come along with Zahra, Yaseen and their families as they navigate the unpredictable twists and turns of life and love in this captivating tale of romance, where the heart knows words, too often, cannot express.

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